Convenient and secure payment options based on how often you travel

How you as the user take advantage of Planiversity’s services largely depends on your needs. While the bulk of planning and organization features are the same, there are additional perks that come with a business account. Take a look below to get a better idea of what separates the two packages and identify what is a more suitable course for you to take. Good planning begins with the right choices!

For the Individual

Case by Case or Monthly


  • Keep your costs with us low if your needs are few and far between
  • Pay on a per case basis
  • Your use is never complicated, but the benefits of travel organization are the same as a business
  • You'll still have access to your past trip packets and order history
  • If your needs increase, just jump to a monthly payment and use the service as often as you like
  • You'll never be locked into a commitment, but we know you’ll want to stay!

For the Business

Monthly or Annually


  • Whether you choose to use a monthly or annual basis, we will only take a monthly payment, not pulling it all from you at once
  • Manage a calendar and keep track of which employees are currently on a trip, leaving soon, or have already returned
  • Create an employee database, managing all who are travel for work, or just to manage employee files
  • Create a job database, and assign your employees to each job
  • Link the employee and job information to your trip packet
  • Access the trip history of any employee and see your order history, all from your administrative panel