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Data Security

Information security protection is a standard.

We know, data security is hugely important to customers of online services. We at Planiversity have taken the necessary steps to ensure that not only are we doing our part to protect your data, but also that those we partner and do business with are well-established and credible as well. Here are a few areas where Planiversity has taken steps to proactively protect your information:

server security
Server Security

Hosting of the Planiversity platform is done through InMotion hosting; the carrier of a well-developed privacy policy, as well as specific level of data security. Our decision to use this company as a resource came down to three fundamental aspects, and those are: volume capacity, speed, and security.

pci compliance
PCI Compliance

Because Planiversity deals with payment accounts and processing, in addition to maintaining and storing user information, it is important that we adhere to the common standards set forth by the PCI Security Standard Council. We are strongly vested in the personal security of every one of our customers, and to ensure that each is protected, we adhere to a strict level of compliance established by the council. Planiversity only does business with credible and well-known, high-resource agencies, in order to eliminate every potential for data breach.

password protection
PC Protection and Password Change Policy

To maintain the best possible level of protection of Planiversity software, our developers use top-of-the-line anti-virus software and adhere to a 180-day password change policy on all of our systems.

payment processing
Payment Processing

At Planiversity, we use only those reliable services for processing user payments. The two services which will act as the intermediaries for your service payments are PayPal and Stripe, two well-established and well-protected agencies. These two companies provide dependable services, while offering a long history of well-established security of user data. To review their privacy policies, please visit their respective websites.

ssl certification
SSL Certificates

Our certificates are purchased through InMotion, the same company hosting Planiversity's server. These certificates are not only a critical step to authenticating the security of our website, but they also serve to protect and encrypt user information.

The breach or theft of cardholder data affects the entire payment card ecosystem. Customers suddenly lose trust in merchants or financial institutions; their credit can be negatively affected -- there is enormous personal fallout. Merchants and financial institutions lose credibility (and in turn, business), they are also subject to numerous financial liabilities.
~ PCI Security Standard Council