The Ultimate Guide To Packing For A 2 Week Trip With Checklists

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The Ultimate Guide To Packing For A 2 Week Trip With Checklists

Written by Tim Croft Apr 08, 2022 12:00 PM

Packing for a two-week trip can be pretty daunting. However, using a guide or checklist to help you decide what to bring makes it more manageable.

Every trip is different, so there is no one size fits all comprehensive guide to what you should bring. You may be taking a long road trip or flying internationally.

The climate and weather of the place you visit makes a big difference. If you are going somewhere hot and humid, it is best to pack light clothing such as shorts and t-shirts. A cold or snowy destination requires thicker clothing like sweaters and jackets. 

Also, consider the activities that will take up most of your time while on this trip. 

For example, if you will be doing a lot of hiking or sightseeing, it is probably best to bring hiking boots or sneakers. A towel and swimsuit will be necessary if you're taking a beach trip.

With that said we've put together a checklist for two-week long trip packing to help make planning easier.

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Clothing Items To Pack

Look for a travel wardrobe that can do double duty. Items like: wraps that serve as a skirt or top. Hats that are good for both warm, cold weather, and wet weather. Fabrics that cool you down or keep you warm when it's chilly.

Also, sticking to a simple color palette made up of neutral colors makes mixing and matching outfits easier. 

 Clothing Checklist

  • 5 to 7 tops, depending on your destination and the types of activities you plan on undertaking.
  • 3 to 5 pairs of bottoms. Include your favorite pair of jeans, two pairs of pants that can be worn in different settings, and at least two pair of shorts if you are visiting somewhere warm.
  • 1 semi-formal outfit, like a dress or a suit if you will be going on a business trip or somewhere with a dress code.
  • 7-10 pairs of underwear.
  • 7 socks/stockings
  • 1 dressy top
  • 1-3 tank tops
  • Exercise clothes, including socks, if you plan on working out.
  • 2-3 sets of sleepwear
  • 1 lightweight climate-appropriate jacket
  • 1 foldable waterproof jacket


Shoes To Pack

Overall it's best to have at least two pairs of shoes. These can include:

  • 1 set of dress shoes.
  • 1 pair of comfortable shoes.
  • 1 pair of sneakers that can be used for both workouts and walking around. 
  • 1 pair of flip-flops to wear in your hotel room, the pool, the beach or a spa.


  • 2 pairs of sunglasses, your favorites, and a second pair just in case you lose the first.
  • 2 bags. The best options are a backpack, shoulder bag, duffel bag, or fanny pack. They are also great to use as a day pack.


Essential Toiletries and Personal Items

If you are cramped for space in your luggage, many of these items can be purchased when you reach your destination.

  • Toiletry bag
  • Travel toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss.
  • Soap, shampoo, and conditioner. Most hotels supply items, so only bring these if you have a brand you prefer.
  • Deodorant
  • Makeup and makeup remover, if needed.
  • A hairbrush or comb along with hairspray or gel if needed.
  • Sunscreen
  • Nail clipper
  • Face and body moisturizer if needed.
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Shaving supplies (razor, shaving cream, etc.) if needed.
  • If a washing machine is available, include soap sheets or travel-sized laundry detergent so you can wash your dirty laundry.


Other Things You May Need

  • Credit Cards
  • A case for your eyewear (sunglasses, eyeglasses etc.) 
  • Vitamins and prescription medications, if needed.
  • First aid kit with bandaids, pain relievers, a topical analgesic, and diarrhea medication
  • Chargers for all electronics you bring with you.
  • Travel documents. This would include a passport if traveling internationally and your identification.
  • Earplugs
  • Chapstick 
  • Camera, tablet, and/or laptop
  • Headphones
  • Sleep aid to help with jet lag or if you have trouble sleeping in unfamiliar locations.
  • Water bottle
  • Books, magazines, iPad, or e-reader. Whichever is your personal preference.
  • A pen and notebook
  • Snacks like nuts, energy bars, fruit, or a sandwich
  • A travel umbrella
  • Insect repellent
  • Plastic bag
  • travel itinerary


What to Pack for Covid Safety

It is essential to bring the right supplies for COVID-19 and know the current Covid travel regulations

The CDC recommends that people pack these important items:

  • Face masks
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Extra clothing (in case of a dirty environment)
  • Test results


Tips for packaging your luggage

Now that you know what to bring, the question is how to fit it all into your luggage. 

With the help of packing cubes, compression bags, and rolling up clothing, you can save space and have an easier time packing.

Packing cubes are a great way to make sure you have enough room in your suitcase by compressing your clothes into neat little packages. They come in different sizes, so you'll be able to find the right size for all of your clothes.

Compression bags are another great way to save space in your luggage by squeezing out all the air from them before placing them in your suitcase. 

Rolling up your clothes instead of folding them is also an easy way to pack more things when you h.ave limited space.

What to place in your carry-on bag. 

Carry-on luggage can be your best friend when you're traveling. It's always good to pack all the essentials to make your trip better. But what should you keep in mind when packing your carry-on bag?

It's a good idea to pack your ID, passport and other important things. You never know when they might come in handy, and you'll be glad to have them on hand.

Along with these, it's a good idea to include medications, valuables, cell phones, a blanket or pillow, and a water bottle. You'll be able to sleep more peacefully and stay hydrated throughout long flights if you bring these items with you.

It's also a good idea to bring snacks and a change of clothes and gum or other breath fresheners.


Hopefully, our guide will help you prepare for your two-week trip. Please let us know if you have any other tips or suggestions for planning your vacation. 

We are always looking for ideas to help our fellow travelers get the most out of their trips.