Coordination Made Easy: Planiversity's New Way to Connect Your Team

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Coordination Made Easy: Planiversity's New Way to Connect Your Team

Written by Tim Croft Oct 12, 2023 12:00 PM

Planiversity is proud to announce our new connect feature, allowing businesses to easily coordinate plans and events with teams and groups

This new addition takes Planiversity from simply an itinerary builder to a robust coordination and communication tool.

For those unfamiliar with Planiversity, we are a web-based platform that allows you to build master itineraries for trips, events, and more. 

You input all the critical details like flights, lodging, activities, schedules, and resources. Planversity takes that information and generates a beautifully organized PDF that you can download, print, and share.

The Connect Game Changer

While the downloadable PDF is useful, Planiversity’s new connect feature is a total game changer. 

It takes the itineraries you create in Planiversity and shares them instantly with select individuals or groups. 

Imagine you manage a carpet cleaning business and have different crews working multiple jobs daily across the city. Instead of emailing a schedule, you could build each team’s schedule in Planiversity and then connect it to the individual crew members. 

They would immediately receive the itinerary in the Planiversity app on their phones. No more sorting through a flooded email inbox trying to find the schedule in a long thread.

The connect feature ensures everyone is always on the same page with the most up-to-date information. 

When you change the itinerary, it automatically syncs in real-time so everyone can access the latest version. 

Employees will show up to the right location at the correct time.

Connect also has a check-in feature so team members can confirm when they arrive at a location. As the manager, you can see who has checked in and when from your Planiversity dashboard.

No more needing to follow up constantly to ensure everyone is where they should be.

How To Get Connected

To use the connect feature, everyone you want to sync the plan with will need a Planiversity account. Don’t worry, they can sign up for a free individual account. 

All you need is their customer number, which you can quickly look up by their email address.

Once your team is set up with accounts, build your itinerary as usual in Planiversity. 

When you reach the connect step, select the individuals or groups you want to share the plan with. 

Finish setting up the itinerary, personalize it, and export it. The itinerary will instantly appear in the Planiversity app of everyone connected.

Use Cases For Planiversity Connect

This connect feature unlocks so many useful applications, like:

  • Retail businesses sharing daily opening and closing procedures with staff
  • Construction firms coordinating project schedules and logistics with crews
  • Travel groups syncing up itineraries and travel confirmations for trips
  • Event planners sharing schedules and duties with vendors and staff
  • Athletic coaches communicating practice times, locations, and resources with players and parents
  • Delivery drivers receiving updated routes, stops, and pick-ups/drop-offs
  • Field service technicians getting work orders and driving directions for appointments
  • Study abroad programs sending itineraries for excursions and cultural experiences

The possibilities are endless. Anytime you need to coordinate schedules, locations, transportation, lodging, or responsibilities with a group, Planiversity Connect can make it smoother and more organized.

Getting Started

Ready to get connected? 

If you already have a Planiversity business account, you can enable the connect feature in your settings. Add your team members and start syncing your first itinerary.

Don’t have Planiversity yet? Sign up for a free trial to test it out. Get your team set up with free individual accounts. 

Then, build your first connected itinerary and see how seamless coordination can be. You’ll wonder how you ever managed your business without it!

The Planiversity Connect feature takes coordination and communication to the next level. Streamline schedules, improve logistics, and bring your team together in a whole new way.

Sign up and get connected today.