How to Get the Best Deals on Holiday Airfare

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How to Get the Best Deals on Holiday Airfare

Written by Tim Croft Nov 30, 2023 10:55 AM

Holiday airfare can be frustratingly expensive, especially when you're hoping to fly to popular seasonal destinations at peak times. 

Yet it is possible to find great flight deals - sometimes even half off typical pricing - if you know how and where to search. 

With a few flexible booking strategies and insider tricks, you can avoid overpaying and keep more cash for festive fun when you arrive!

Time Your Booking Strategically

Most travelers know that booking flights well in advance can lead to better pricing. But timing your booking right - not too early or too late - is key with holiday flights.

Typically the best time to book Thanksgiving travel is in early Fall, around late September or October. 

For Christmas and New Year's flights, aim to book in October for decent prices, November at the very latest. This gives you enough advance planning while allowing airlines to release holiday discounts that pop up 8-10 weeks prior.

Last-minute holiday bookings sometimes provide deals a week or two before Christmas travel, but flying during the peak demand window with no plan is risky! The few remaining seats fill up fast, and prices can soar exponentially.

Use Flexible Travel Search Tools

Being flexible with your dates, airports, flight times, and number of stops can unlock hidden holiday flight deals you'd otherwise miss. Using flexible search tools on sites like Kayak and Google Flights allows you to set your travel options and compare pricing across all variations in seconds.

This broad scope of search possibilities proves extremely useful around popular holidays when nonstop Christmas Eve flights might be excessive, but flying Dec 23rd through LAX with one layover could be half the cost. 

Cast a broad, flexible search net and let the tool reel in savings options.

The Explore and Search Graph tools on Google Flights display pricing fluctuations across dates and airports, allowing you to adjust within your range for optimum savings. 

Flexibility really pays off!

Leverage Airline Sale and Coupon Codes

Many airlines offer seasonal sales, especially in that prime September - November booking window for peak holiday travel. Sales may only run 2-3 days offering 30-50% off flights during specified holiday weeks.

Sign up for email alerts from your preferred airlines to be notified when holiday flight sales are released. Then jump on booking your select routes and dates before discounted seats sell out!

Some airline sales only apply to particular loyalty members or require coupon codes from various media promotions. Follow airline social accounts and browse major coupon sites for potential savings via promo codes during bigger sales.

Research Alternative Airports

Check pricing from surrounding regional airports if traveling through major airline hubs like Chicago, New York City or Washington DC with peak holiday surcharges. 

Their smaller size and popularity means lower demand, which can translate to better deals for you!

Flying to Chicago for the holidays? Search flights into Midway Airport (MDW) or consider alternatives like Milwaukee (MKE) or South Bend (SBN) airports just ~90 minutes away.

Washington DC bound? Baltimore/Washington (BWI) or Washington Dulles (IAD) airports often offer lower holiday rates than the major Reagan National (DCA) hub.

Check all airports within 90 miles of your destination for hidden savings opportunities on flights. Some brilliant flight deals lie just one airport code outside the norm!

Leverage Loyalty Rewards

If you regularly fly certain alliance carriers (OneWorld, SkyTeam, Star Alliance), stocking up loyalty rewards points from their co-members can majorly offset holiday flight costs.

For example, American Airlines operates on OneWorld. Booking a United (Star Alliance) flight using accrued MileagePlus miles during Christmas could still get you where you need to be while avoiding egregious holiday cash pricing.

Maximize loyalty programs across allied airlines for peak season cost-cutting that aligns with your brand preference and needs. Sign up for the free versions of loyalty programs as well - just having an account can unlock special member pricing.

Surf Sale Sites

Travel deal lister sites like The Flight Deal, (formerly Scott's Cheap Flights), and Secret Flying routinely feature incredible holiday flight promotions well below market value.

The deals often last up to 48 hours before expiring or selling out - so getting these sites' sale alerts and acting fast when your desired holiday route pops up is key.

You can even request custom watch List alerts for dates and routes you have flexibility around. When a sale that fits your specific holiday flight preferences becomes available, you'll receive an instant email notification to book at the discounted rate.

Some of these sale listings provide promo codes offering stacked savings on already reduced holiday pricing when using online travel agencies like Orbitz or Priceline. Sale site surfing can yield up to 70% in seasonal travel savings!

Consider Nearby Major Cities

Rather than traveling right to the heart of your final holiday destination, look at flight pricing in surrounding major metro areas. Nearby big city airports often offer more airline competition and better pricing.

Then, you can book a short connecting flight or use a rental car, train, or bus for the last leg. This opens up alternative routes and service combinations that beat booking directly into overpriced small regional airports.

Flying home to Vermont for Christmas? Search flights into Boston or New York City first, then transfer from there. It adds minimal travel logistics while keeping holiday fares sane.

Travel Midweek

Everyone wants to fly on the weekends before major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. You'll typically find noticeably cheaper holiday pricing by shifting your departure 1-2 days into the middle of the work week.

The same goes for returning from seasonal destinations - flying back on New Year's Day itself is infinitely cheaper than trying to book travel on January 2nd or later with everyone else.

If your holiday schedule flexibility allows, flying on off-peak travel days can save hundreds on crowded holiday flights.

With the right timing, handy search tools, flexibility, and some insider tricks - scoring reasonable holiday flight pricing is possible! 

Avoid the headaches of sold-out peak flights or exorbitant last-minute fares ruining your seasonal budget.

Instead, leverage these savings tips and tools to keep more cash freed up for festive spending upon arrival at your long-awaited holiday destination. 

The gift of affordable flights lets you maximize seasonal merriment! Safe travels and happy savings this peak holiday travel season.