How to Streamline Business Travel Planning with Custom Itineraries

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How to Streamline Business Travel Planning with Custom Itineraries

Written by Tim Croft Nov 16, 2023 10:20 AM

Business travel can be hectic and stressful. Creating a business trip requires careful coordination between booking flights, hotels, and transportation and scheduling meetings in multiple locations. 

Unfortunately, disjointed tools like separate spreadsheets, emails back and forth, and generic online booking platforms make travel planning chaotic for employees and admins alike.

The solution? Customizable itinerary building software like Planiversity centralizes all trip planning in one place. 

Companies can transform messy business travel coordination into a streamlined process with a unified itinerary builder. 

In this post, we'll explore how online itinerary building software revolutionizes business travel planning through customization and automation. 

Follow these tips to streamline end-to-end travel coordination:

Create Detailed Itineraries with All Relevant Info

Fragmented booking details cause mass confusion. Employees juggle flight info in emails, hotel details in a spreadsheet, meeting times in calendar invites, and endless notes about ground transportation, meals, contact info, and more. This makes travel chaotic.

Business travel management software integrates all these details into one clear, shareable itinerary. Employees build their full agenda with travel times, accommodation details, meeting schedules, contacts, and other helpful information.

Itineraries centralize everything in one place for smooth travel. And they can be quickly shared with relevant stakeholders.

Enable Real-Time Collaboration

The back-and-forth of travel planning is cumbersome. Email chains with the admin team, procurement department, and other stakeholders create delays. Itinerary building software eliminates these lags by centralizing collaboration.

Employees can loop in admins or colleagues in real-time to refine details, make tweaks, give approvals, or suggest changes. Building the itinerary together is far more efficient than fragmented email exchanges and calls. Everyone stays aligned through the platform.

Admins can also push suggested edits on details like flight times, hotels, or cost optimization. Real-time collaboration via the software keeps all stakeholders on the same page as plans evolve.

Integrate With Calendars

Syncing itineraries with personal and company calendars eliminates double data entry. As trips get confirmed, all details auto-populate onto relevant calendars.

Calendar integrations also mean schedule changes reflected across platforms. If a meeting time shifts, it updates on the itinerary and calendar simultaneously. 

This two-way sync eliminates missed changes or outdated details on any platform.

Centralize Compliance & Duty of Care

Duty of care and compliance risks soar with scattered travel details. If an emergency arises, can admins access accurate employee locations and contact info? Disjointed systems make this impossible.

Itinerary software centralizes data for proper duty of care. Admins access real-time reporting on who travels where, when, and with what contact info. If a travel emergency occurs, details are readily accessible to reach employees.

Central data also reduces compliance risks and maverick bookings. All details route through a single platform where spending limits, approvals, policy adherence, and travel purpose can be monitored.

Keep Important Documents in One Place

Business trips inevitably involve organizing and sharing essential travel documents like passports, boarding passes, itineraries, visas, and more. 

Rather than emailing files back and forth or rummaging through luggage, itinerary software centralizes storage and access. Employees can upload any necessary documents to their online itinerary before departure. 

The files remain securely accessible on any device throughout the trip for easy access or sharing with border agents. Admins also have visibility into required documents in case of emergency. 

Centralized document management ensures travelers have instant access to what they need while companies maintain duty of care.

Proactive Alerts & Notifications

Last minute emergencies and changes inevitably happen during business travel. But playing phone tag from the road causes stressful delays. 

Planiversity's itinerary software allows you to alert travelers about delays, cancellations, schedule changes, and other real-time updates.

Push notifications eliminate surprises and scramble. If a gate changes or a flight gets canceled, travelers receive alerts instantly with the next steps and options to minimize disruption. 

Proactive communication means snags are resolved quickly.

Create Amazing Employee Experiences

Business travel is fatiguing. However, personalized model itineraries tailored to travelers' unique preferences make employees feel valued. They return happy after smooth, delightful trips facilitated by the company.

Itinerary software also reduces traveler stress by centralizing all pertinent info in one place. No more frenzied hunting across inboxes and chats to confirm trip details. Employees have confidence thanks to a single source of truth.

The Perfect Solution

Customizable itinerary software unifies business travel coordination in one intuitive platform. Rather than juggling disparate tools, centralize booking, collaboration, compliance, and communication with Planiversity. 

Stop wasting hours on fragmented travel planning - streamline your program with our all-in-one solution. Sign up now to experience Planiversity's powerful travel planning software. 

You'll be amazed at how much stress and inefficiency you were putting up with before.