The Best App For Group Travel Planning

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The Best App For Group Travel Planning

Written by Erich Allen Apr 01, 2022 12:00 PM

Is it subjective to say that to successfully plan a trip for your group, there is one best app for group travel planning that can handle it all?

It's possible, but we did the research and found that no one solution works for everyone. People are unique; they want and plan different things. Something that meets one person's needs may not work for someone else.

With that in mind, the next best thing was to find a solution that solves the most common planning needs. 

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After scrutinizing potential candidates, we feel Planiversity has to be the best overall option. Here's why. 

One: A Structured layout

Planiversity's site is designed to walk users through the planning process in a very easy-to-use way. After completing each step, the user is directed to the next step in the service. Avoiding confusion about organizing. 

This is good because the process can be shared. Until the itinerary packet gets exported, the user can go back in and continue to modify each section until they have included everything they want. This means no pressure as they design the plan around information they are waiting to trickle in from others in the group.

Two: Event building

Planiversity offers both businesses and individuals an event planning feature. On this page, the user can pull together all relevant information about an event.

Three: Documentation

Though we are not the only service to do so, Planiversity offers its users the option to include copies of all documentation. If you need to upload numerous copies of itineraries, you can do it. Want to include copies of everyone's passports and licenses? You can do that. And if you need to add several additional documents, you can do that as well. 

Copies of paperwork are easier to manage when it is done digitally. 

Four: Sharable

Something great about our service is that you can export the information in a PDF file once completed with your travel packet. The packet is always available for viewing offline. 

Once downloaded, the file can be emailed to everyone you choose to share it with. Making it easy to collect and disseminate information to your travel group. 

Five: Affordable

Sure, services are available that help plan group travel, but these come with a price. With Planiversity, the price of a group plan doesn't increase. We charge a flat rate to individual travelers. It costs nothing extra if you decide to put together a group travel packet.

A lot of planning went into the development and design of Planiversity. The service was created to help users make their experiences much easier to manage. It helps alleviate stress by giving users the tools to build a comprehensive travel packet. 

It's designed for everyone. We feel that it doesn't get much easier than this for group travel planning. 

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