4 Features Your Business Travel Management Software is Missing

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4 Features Your Business Travel Management Software is Missing

Written by Tim Croft Oct 03, 2023 12:00 PM

In today's fast-paced business environment, corporate travel is more than just booking flights and hotels. It's about managing every aspect of a trip to ensure efficiency, compliance, and safety. 

That's where business travel management software comes into play. These platforms offer a range of features designed to simplify the travel process, from planning to execution. 

This blog post will explore four key features that make corporate travel management software stand out.

Feature 1: Creating and Sharing Travel Itineraries

One of the most crucial aspects of business travel is the itinerary. A well-planned itinerary can be the difference between a successful trip and a logistical nightmare. The best corporate travel management software allows users to create, modify, and share travel itineraries easily.

  • Why It's Essential: An itinerary serves as the blueprint for the trip. It outlines the schedule, transportation, accommodations, and meetings. Having a centralized platform to create and share itineraries ensures that everyone is on the same page.
  • How It Works: Users can input travel details such as flights, hotel bookings, and meetings into the software. The platform then generates a comprehensive itinerary that can be shared with team members, travel managers, and even external partners via email or a mobile app.

Feature 2: Sharing Documents

In the realm of corporate travel, document sharing is not just a convenience—it's a necessity. From boarding passes to expense reports, many documents need to be accessed and shared among team members.

  • Importance in a Corporate Setting: Sharing documents like visa applications, identification, and expense reports is crucial for compliance and record-keeping. A centralized document repository ensures that all necessary documents are easily accessible.
  • Functionality: The best business travel management software solutions offer secure cloud storage where documents can be uploaded and shared. Access permissions can be customized to ensure that only authorized personnel can view or modify the documents.

Feature 3: Communication

Effective communication is the backbone of any successful corporate travel plan.

  • Role in Travel Management: Real-time communication between travelers and managers is essential, whether it's last-minute changes to the itinerary or updates on flight delays.
  • Available Tools: Look for software that offers in-app messaging, notifications, and even video conferencing capabilities to keep everyone connected, regardless of their location.

Feature 4: Verifying the Traveler Checked In

Ensuring that travelers have safely arrived at their destinations is a key responsibility for any organization.

  • Importance for Safety and Compliance: Verifying check-ins is not just about tracking; it's about ensuring the safety and well-being of employees.
  • Mechanisms for Verification: Advanced systems offer features like geofencing and real-time location tracking to confirm that travelers have checked in at their designated locations.

The Planiversity Solution

When it comes to corporate travel management, having a one-stop solution is invaluable. That's where Planiversity comes into the picture. This cutting-edge software combines all the essential features discussed in this blog post into one easy-to-use platform.

  • Comprehensive Features: From creating and sharing travel itineraries to document management, real-time communication, and traveler check-in verification, Planiversity has it all.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: One of the most compelling advantages of using Planiversity is the cost savings. Companies no longer need to invest in multiple software solutions to manage different aspects of corporate travel. By consolidating all these tools into one platform, Planiversity not only simplifies the travel management process but also significantly reduces costs.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right corporate travel management software is a critical decision for any organization. 

With Planiversity, companies can enjoy a seamless, efficient, and cost-effective travel management experience. It's not just about making travel easier; it's about making business better.